To establish and run Anganwadis, Balwadis, Sanskar kendras, Primary schools, High   schools, Residential / Non Residential Schools, Asharam Schools, all types of collages and all Technical, Vocational, Professional Training Centers, Libraries,  Hostels, etc in rural as well as urban areas, for imparting eduction to all.

To open Medical collages in different branches for example Nursing Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, Unani. So as to promote medical education and to implement the Government schemes promulgated from time to time with respect to the medical field. To hold meetings seminars, conferences, survey, etc. in India and or abroad with a view to creating awareness among the people.

To provide facilities for imparting formal, non-formal and moral education to the children.

To start educational institutions and training centres to implement all concerned social welfare schemes for the development of women, Physically Handicapped, Deaf, Dumb, Orphan, Blind, and Mentally retarded persons.

To provide facilities to physically handicapped persons, children and women by organizing various social welfare programmes  and also establish child care centres, Old Age Homes, Rehabilitation, centres for women and children.

To establish self employment centers, technical trainings centres and also organize workshops, lectures, conventions, for the financially backward minority peoples so as to promote entrepreneurship and self employment through various informative programmes.

To establish refrence libraries, organize books exhibition, arrange literary lectures, so as to develop the literary aspect of the community and also encourage the aspiring artists and writers of the community.

To organize book exhibition and start mobile reading rooms to provide library facilities in rural as well as in urban regions in order to create interest for reading among the people.

To provide educational facilities and hotel facilities to s.c, s.t community , O.B.C and other backward classes by establishing residential schools, etc.

To promote national and international sports and games, to organizing sports competitions so as to encourage sports activities and imbibe sportsmanship among the youth.

To provide coaching facilities for all types of scholarships and competitive examinations and award incentive prizes to the students.

To organize community marriages and other religious functions so as to unite various sections of the community.

To provide encouragement to noted personalities of the society for their exceptional work by organizing felicitations of the people.

To act as an agency for implementation of the various welfare schemes promoted by the state and Central Government.

To organize national programme such as Reforestation, social forestry so as to avoid social erosion, Environment projects, Health programmes, cultivation of the Barren Lands, Water shed Management projects, Rural development projects, Urban development projects, Bio farming, De-addiction centres, AIDS awareness programmes  and also organize workshops, Camps, Seminars, Lectures so as to imbibe national spirit among the people.

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