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What are the most effective SEO tactics right now

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What are the most effective SEO tactics right now (whitehat, greyhat, or blackhat, doesn’t matter)?

I’d like to share two approaches foan effective SEO campaign. First derives from keywords and their effectiveness to your business. Second is all about quality backlinks and how to gain them. Combined these two tactics can raise your visibility tremendously, boost traffic and provide you great ability to convert more.

Which (Long tail) Keywords to use for your business.

Long-tail keywords are being used with a strict intent to. Quite often these keywords are literally long and consist of more than five words but the best part of a long-tail keyword is a low competition.

If a keyword is long (consists of five or more words) but has a high level of competition and high search volume it’s not a long-tail keyword, for example: “best pizza delivery in new york” is not a long-tail keyword and trying to use it as a part of long-tail optimization is not the most efficient way to spend your time.

Some of the signs of long-tail keywords are:

  • Low competition
  • Low search volume
  • Length above average

Relevancy Matters Most

When looking for long-tail keywords (or any keywords for that matter), don’t forget about relevancy. There’s a thin line between keywords that have low competition because they are overlooked and keywords that have low competition because their relevancy is low.

image source

The image above shows a good example of how short and popular keywords can’t be the part of your keyword pool head due to low relevancy.

How To Find Long Tail Keywords for your Site

If you have an access to keyword research tools that show up the number of monthly searches in Google, you’re half way through. All you’ll have to do is to apply filters smartly. That’s why Serpstat is an ideal tool for such a task.

Step 1. Get the list of keywords in your topic

1.1. Enter the keyword you want to expand on into Serpstat, chose region, hit Search button.

1.2. Navigate to Keyword Research > SEO Research > Keyword Selection to explore keywords relevant to your query:

Step 2. Use filters to find long tail keywords

All you have to do is to filter obtain keywords by the number of words in them and their search volume.

2.1. Set minimum and maximum values for search volume:

2.2. Set value for the number of results

The more Google finds and gives results for a keyword, the higher will be this keyword’s competition level:

2.3. Set the minimum number of words in a keyword for additional precision:

Step 3: Analyze results

By applying the filter with three conditions we got the list of long-tail keywords that can potentially be used to promote a website relevant to custom bikes. Look through the results, pick the keywords you like the most and always account for their search volume and number of available results when trying to make a prognosis.

Manging your Backlink Profile and a few ways to Get Good Backlinks

Search engine’s trust rate to the donor site means a world to your SEO. If you have a lot of backlinks from untrusted sites you may suffer the consequences. So first you have to determine which site is credible.

To find out whether a website is worth getting links from, check its backlink profile. It’s beyond easy with tools like Serpstat:

  • Type a domain address you want to research in the tool’s search box and go to Backlink Analysis > Backlink Dashboard:

Serpstat Trust Rank here describes in percents how strong is the connection between your queried domain and sites with good reputation. The bigger the best. So the higher this indicator for your donor site (site with a link to your site) is, the more quality links you will obtain.

Another tool you can use to judge the quality of the website is SimilarWebwhich you can use to find out main traffic sources for any website and its distribution, visitors’ behavioral factors, engagement, and referrals. I particularly recommend the tool’s browser extension as it makes life a lot easier:)

After your research of donor sites, select the one with that are not also reputable but relevant to your site (e.g. topically connected). There’s nothing to it, just manually visit each one and decide whether it’s a good fit to have a backlink from such places.

What’s next?

Ask for backlinks

When you’re a brand new player on the market, no one yet knows you. Almost no one, because you should definitely have acquaintances owing some blogs, websites, or who are hanging out in this field long enough to get useful contacts. Don’t be shy to ask them to link to your website. Just only make sure they occupy the relevant niches.

Study your competitors

You don’t have to reinvent things. There are many of your competitors who’ve been building their backlink profiles for ages. What you need is to analyze them to discover their best backlinks.

There’s no need to cover such basics as how to find out who your main competitors are, so, let’s pass straight to the competitors’ analyzing:

  • Enter the competitor’s domain to Serpstat tool and pass to the Referring Domains section:
  • You’ll find the list of the domains referring to your competitor’s website. Out of these sites, select the ones with the best Serpstat Page and Trust Rank ratio and with the lowest Alexa Rank (because with Alexa, the lower the better).
  • Visiting the New Backlinks subsection is mandatory, as there you’ll find backlinks, placed in the last 90 days. They are likely the most relevant ones:

Build relationships with influencers

Influencer marketing should be taken very seriously, so prepate yourself for a long hard work. It is necessary to show the leader all the advantages of your product, give the full information, create a favorable impression and support it in every possible way.


Guest-posting is an easy way to get backlinks. On the web, there are hundreds of blogs covering any possible topics. Some of them provide the option of guest blogging in advance, on such websites you will see a section called something like “write for us.” But in most cases, you just have to contact the blog’s creator and ask for publishing a guest post. Simple. Spend less time searching for the necessary contacts with the Hunter tool.

Not all the websites and blogs accept guest posts, but even if you’re the beginner author, 1 out of 4 blog owners will accept your offer.

Guest blogging is the easy way to make people aware of yourself. The more guest posts you publish, the more people start to remember you. The more famous is the author, the more interesting for the audience he becomes. The more interesting he becomes, the more chances for the author to get published at the popular and visited websites.

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