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Why is SRCC the best commerce college in the country

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Well depending on your affiliation with the college the following answer might ruffle a few feathers.

SRCC does not do anything exceptional.

Then why does the name invoke such grandeur and fame, why do tier one recruiters flock to these hallowed halls and why does the college consistently (well, for the most part) rank higher than the competition?

Till around 1960 or so, the college was just like any other – just a part of the numerous institutions under the brand ‘DU’. Sometime around then the principal and governing body of the college decided that they wanted to create the best, a brand synonymous with excellence, the college that comes to mind upon the utterance of ‘commerce’.

So how did they plan on achieving that?

They first began by attracting only the best, the creme de la creme of the commerce world, but even at that time India was still quite populous and the expenditure involved in individually screening candidates through the western system just wasn’t feasible. So at the time the closest method of filtration available was your 12th standard grades, so in came the implementation of the cutoff system.

That’s it. That’s all. Done. They had created the best system with the least amount of effort.

But now you may ask, what does SRCC provide to the students, does it impart anything?

SRCC provides the bare minimum facilities and requirements for an individual to succeed, state of the art infrastructure, amicable facilities, well educated faculty. It does not do anything extraordinary or different from the rest of the colleges under the DU label, in fact the curriculum studied by and the final paper written by a Bachelor of Commerce student from Shri Ram College of Commerce and one from say Atma Ram College of Commerce is the exact same.

Then why are SRCC kids better than the rest? What sets SRCC apart from the rest of the crowd?

By virtue of implementing this extremely high screening mechanism, you ensure that the students you attract possess the inbuilt discipline, tenacity and perseverance to succeed in whatever they take up, provide them with the bare minimum requirements for them to achieve it and you’re done; they will succeed for you, and that is exactly what has been happening for the past few years.

Disclaimer : I have the utmost respect and admiration for my college and would not change anything had I been bestowed with the opportunity to go anywhere else, but that does not mean I cannot provide a constructive critic of the same.

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