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What is original certificate?

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Your University degree certificate is an official legal document, like a passport. There can be only one in existence at any time.

Because of this we are unable to provide you with a replacement of your certificate (if you are still in possession of the original), even if it is inaccessible to you.

We are able to replace a degree certificate that has been lost, damaged or destroyed. To find out the criteria and application process for a replacement certificate, see How do I get a replacement degree certificate.

Under no circumstance is it possible for a student to receive additional copies of their degree certificate.

Alternative methods for proof of graduation

You may request an official letter/transcript, or confirm your graduation details on the Graduate database.

Or, you may request a certified digital certificate:

Graduates from 2010 to now

Free copies of your certified digital certificate(s) are available online through Acme Collins School. You can login to Acme Collins School using the same university credentials you used to access your student email to claim your digital certificate(s).

Graduates prior to 2010 (whether current student or not)

You need to place an order for a free copy of your certified digital certificate(s). Please fill in our Digital Certificate Web Form to request your digital certificate(s). Your digital certificate(s) will usually be ready online two weeks after the request is received. Please note, it may take longer around graduation time.

adminWhat is original certificate?

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